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Urban Decay in Singapore Part 1 - Deluxe Shadow Box

I went to the Urban Decay master class.  I will not go into deep raptures about how fabulous Eric Jimenez was because that will take up the whole post except to say ... To.  Die.  For!  Gush, gush, jealous, jealous. 
You can read really wonderful reports from Makeup Stash and loads of cool pictures which I was too shy to take ... except of one with Eric.

OK, let's get down to the product.


A goodies bag (beautiful looks on each side of the paper bag) was given to the master class attendees.  Inside were:
  • Mini 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Rockstar
  • Mini lipstick in Gash
  • Mini Pocket Rocket in Doug
  • Mini Complexion Primer Potion in Pore Perfecting
I was a little ticked to find out that the Friday attendees had an extra item in their bag - Full size 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Stash.  Boo!

I gave my Pocket Rocket away to a girlfriend so I cannot review that but I did swatch and try out Rockstar.  See below.

Redemption Lies in Urban Decay?
The goodies bag for the master class was quite honestly a disappointment compared to the GWP promotion at Sephora.  Some ladies bought two sharpeners at S$30 in total and got the GWP worth S$145.  While us master class attendees paid S$75 and got the above.  

Although you really cannot put a price on Eric Jimenez's knowledge transfer and sheer charisma, it does seem a little tacky.

So, I redeemed the following from Urban Decay with my master class receipt, thinking that that would entitle me to the GWP.

Deluxe Shadow Box - S$63
Stardust Eyeshadow in Atmosphere - S$33

I paid S$21 to top up and was told at the cashier that that will not entitle me to the GWP.  Wait, let me get this ... I spend S$96 in total with Urban Decay versus the ladies who paid $30 and they get the GWP and I don't?  I see ...

I resisted the urge to complain to the Sephora Ion store manager and just went back to purchase two more items.  It was bloody hard, let me tell you.

The additional two items of ransom were:

24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Lust - S$30
Lipstick in Revolution - S$36

Let's take each item and review carefully, shall we?

Deluxe Shadow Box
Alright, I must admit I did a naughty.  I warned a young lady at the counter from buying all the three palettes and advised her to just get Deluxe.  Sorry, Urban Decay.  Why?  One word.


Analyse this. 

The colours in the Alice box have been renamed for this palette but are actually almost all existing colours.  Thus, if you already have all the other palettes or individual colours, you might want to re-consider the purchase, unless you are a die-hard Alice or a fool for beautiful packaging.  Because it is beautiful.

However, if you do not own any Urban Decay eye shadows, this is the one for you.  Go now.  Reserve yours at Sephora as they are bringing in only 400 pieces.  Go!  Now!  Shoo!

Compare this.

Alice (I am using their real names and not the re-packaged names)

Flash, Painkiller, Baked, Last Call, Chopper, Polyester Bride, Maui Wowie,Grifter, X, Mushroom, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, S&M, Homegrown, Sin, Twice Baked, Oil Slick

Additionally there are two mini 24/7s in the shades Zero and Flipside.

Of the 16 colours, 10 can be found in at least one if not two of the older palettes.  These are highlighted in blue below.


Smog, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call, Chopper, Maui Wowie, Shattered, Polyester Bride, Grifter, Sin - the shades highlighted in blue are the dupes in Alice

Tragic.  Only 3 colours are not re-promos in Alice.  Smog is a neutral shade which I can find in any of my other palettes and singles.  Mildew is slightly intriguing but I can get an individual shade.  Shattered swatched rather sheer despite the intensity of the colour in the palette.  So ... S$63 for this palette versus S$88 for Alice.  No contest.  


YDK, Flipside, Grifter, Uzi, Twice Baked, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Flash, Oil Slick, Kiddies Pool, Half Baked

Half the colours are in Alice.  Again, unless there is a shade you really crave, again, this purchase does not make sense.  The only ones that I wanted was Flipside and Kiddies Pool, which again I can get as individual or similar colours  rather than have too many duplicates.  But this might work out to be a better deal compared to Ammo as the price of two individual eye shadows would be S$60 versus S$63 for the entire palette.  


Here comes my baby.  While the colours in the other palettes are glittery, this one is what Eric calls "cashmere".  I call it shimmer velvet.

This is the only palette that has no colours duplicated in Alice.  It is a no-brainer for me especially as the shades are so vivid and bright.

The packaging is also to-die-for gorgeous.  My girlfriends loved the bling of the silver chain metal.  I am sybaritically attracted to the lush purple velvet frame.  Purr.

Urban Decay is really a master of packaging.  The eyeball-searing flash of the chain mail reflects the bling of the bright shades cuddled inside.  The sensual slide of the velvet frame whispers of the luxe caress of the eyeshadows' textures.

Oh, you beauteous thing, you ...

Inside, you get two disposable sponge applicators with 9 babelicious shades.  


There is nothing fishy about Fishnet. It's a shimmery pinkish purple.  I discovered something about Urban Decay shadows - the vastly different effects from different tools.  Using a brush, the shimmer is very subtle and there is almost zero glitter in the shade.  It also goes on a lot more pink on me.  Using a sponge applicator, it is a little more purple and a bit more shimmery with hints of glitter.  It is still a lovely colour and has great staying power.  In fact, it way overshadowed (sic) Ransom which you can see in one of my EOTDs later.


I did not think I would like Honey at first.  Warm shades seldom look good on me.  Most gold eyeshadows either fail to show up or make me look like a drag queen.  Which would be fine if it was a good-looking drag queen ...  Anyway, I was really taken by surprise by this Honey of a colour.  It is bright yet not over the top.  A rich gold with golden caramel tones rather than garish gilded gaudiness.  To my eternal perplexity, it is the most used colour thus far in the palette.  It is a wonderful colour to blend out or soften the other shades.  It plays well with even it's polar opposite in hues - Fishnet, Zero, Graffiti and Peace.  It's a little too dark as a highlight colour for me but should work fairly well for darker-complexioned girls.


, oh Ransom.  What a disappointment thus far.  A lovely, bright violet, it was my favourite colour in the palette but upon testing it, it proved to be a let-down.  The colour is sheerer than expected and I need to pack it on quite a bit for it to pop.  Especially against Fishnet.  Ransom faded into a sullen shadow in the shade of its pinker sibling.  It was also a little harder to blend for some reason compared to the other colours in the palette.  Pity.


Graffiti is sheer joy in the palette.  Again, it was a little sheerer than expected but fortunately not as much of a let down as Ransom.  It is a bright jewel green with slight warm tones in the subtle gold shimmer woven into it.  Inexplicably, it looked a little sheer on me and again I had to pack it on but at least it did not fade off like Ransom.  At the end of the night, the colour held true too.  I tried it with Honey and Shag on two different occasions and it proved a happy companion to the warm shades in the palette.  


I have a thing for complex dark shades.  Black with duochromes.  Greenish black. Purplish black glitter.  You get the idea.  So I was fairly excited by Zero.  I wondered if it would be as intense as its eye pencil counterpart.  It's not.  The colour is more brackish black with brown tones and a bit of subdued gold shimmer which hardly shows up on the lid.  It looks dirty instead of intense.  I used it for cut crease and found that it dirtied out the vibrancy of Graffiti.  Sigh.


is much like it's name.  Looks easy.  Fairly elusive.  Yes, grasshopper, this colour is slightly confounding.  It looks like a Tiffany blue on steroids with slight golden shimmer.  I drooled over it and then applied it.  Eh, why does it look almost teal/turquoise on me?  And in some lights, even green?  I did not even blend Honey that much into it but the variance between palette shade and applied shade is a bit disturbing.  It is smooth and blends beautifully though.  I've worn it twice now and have received many compliments about the colour.  Sweet.


The last row is what I call the functional row.  They are quite similar with sutble differences.  Starting with Shag, a rather nondescript light brown shimmer, which left hardly an impression on me.  Still, I gave it a fair go and found it a serviceable colour that is bright enough to be used as a highlight on darker skinned ladies and subtle enough to blend out or highlight inner eyelids for paler girls.  I would not say it is a preferred shade but I can see me reaching for it quite often as a contouring shade.  Scratch is a brown shimmer with pink base.  Not quite salmon in hue, this is probably more wearable for a lot of ladies.  For me, it is a pleasant but average eye shadow.   Kinda ... zzzzzzzzz .....  Underground wraps up the collection.  A medium taupe brown, it is also functional if unremarkable.

On the whole Deluxe offers a range of uses from bright, daring looks to neutral work with a but of glam.  The only thing it is really missing is a highlight shade.  I don't really consider Honey a highlight shade unless you are doing a night look or stage work.

It is well worth the money and a wonderful additional to Alice if you can only own two Urban Decay palettes.

And oh yes, it also comes with a mini sample of the much lauded Urban Decay Primer Potion - my holy grail and the primer I used when testing all the shades in Deluxe.

Please note that I only review the products which I bought and none were sponsored by Urban Decay or Sephora.  And my apologies for the crappy quality of my photos.  


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